Dad's Mercedes

Welcome to Fixing Dad's Mercedes!

We're glad you're here! We're a father/daughter team struggling to maintain our aging collection of Mercedes. We're not professionals, we're not experts, we're not even good - but we are learning. As we work through our car's issues, we thought it would be fun to share our research, tips and tricks in the hope that they might help someone else with their own cars.

We'll be working through our punch list (and trying to keep it from growing) for each of our cars. We hope to do most of the work ourselves, but there are no guarantees (see the point above that we're not professionals or experts). If we find something too big (or we're just too lazy or don't have the time), we're not above letting the professionals do the work.

Hopefully you'll find something valuable during your visit, or at least entertaining enough to make you come back. If you have any tips or suggestions, we want to know!

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1994 S 420

Our most recent, and oldest, acquisition. This one came via Copart with one previous owner (before the title was signed over to auction in 2021). It has around 125k and is absolutely one of my favorite cars to drive.

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2002 CLK 430

This was our first Mercedes and was picked first and foremost for its drop-top-iness. There's something tremendously appealing about a summer cruiser that makes every trip fun. This example came from Indiana with only 39k on the odometer - it really was a baby. Admittedly it spends most of the winter garage-bound, but in the summer, it's always our first choice. Currently it just turned 50k miles - proving that it's a driver, not a beauty queen!

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2002 E 55 AMG

The highest mileage member of our collection. This purchase was really not well thought out. We were looking for a COVID project car that we could work on together - I was actually looking for an E320 that would benefit from a little love and attention. Then is popped on my radar and we jumped on it. The car runs and drives, is rust free and came with good recent repair documentation, but has a host of issues that we need to sort out if we're going to keep it. It just turned 225k and we'd kind of like to see how far it'll go!

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2011 GL 550

This is our work horse and go-to vehicle for long trips. When we bought it, the ask was for a family hauler, but I wanted one that was fun (and power = fun, right?). The last year of the normally aspirated V8 that is truly an amazing driving experience. This one came to us with 99k on the odometer in 2020 and its currently sitting around 113k. This one is definitely a keeper!

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